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You might be asking:

“What will coaching with Mary do for me?”

Good question.  I’m glad you asked.

Here are a few testimonials from people who started out with the same question.

“I will be forever grateful for Mary’s guidance and insight in helping me to find my best way! Her subtle and creative approach to leading me to focus on what is important to me was invaluable at this point in my life.  Through Mary’s expressive direction and techniques, I was able to identify my goals, life options and fears. I could then focus on working to achieve those most important goals by channeling my energies and overcoming what was holding me back.  Mary is a gifted listener and coach and we developed an amazing connection. I look forward to continued meetings to keep me on track and be the best me I can be!”  GC

“My experience with Mary has been enlightening.  She has helped me address areas in my life that needed attention and work.  Mary has equipped me with the tools to feel empowered and to move forward.  She has helped me focus and navigate my way through a big transition in my life.  Mary provided me a safe place to share, learn and reveal parts of myself that have long remained silent.  
Mary is an open, honest, incredibly intuitive, radiant individual with sensitive listening skills.  Working with Mary has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  Feeling blessed and grateful to work with such a beautiful soul.”  Arlene G.

I just completed 3 sessions with Mary on Creative Depth Coaching. I wasn't sure what to expect but came with an open mind. After each session I was amazed at how gently she was able to visually, emotionally and spiritually help me tell a story that was inside of me. This was a unique experience that allowed me to express myself in ways I hadn't been able to find the words to prior. I left each session feeling I knew something new about myself, my relationships and why I make certain choices. This was a true growth experience for me! Thank you, Mary!!   Denise D.

I sought out Mary as a life coach on a couple of different occasions. From the beginning, she was approachable and compassionate as I struggled with transitioning from one stage of life to another.  In a safe, supportive environment, Mary partnered with me during this difficult time, allowing me to creatively explore my options as I decided on my next life path.  Because of Mary’s gentle guidance, I was able to move forward in the direction I was confident was right for me. I highly recommend Mary as a life coach because she compassionately walks with you as you face the many twists and turns of life.  JS

"The journey I traveled while with Mary was one that I desperately needed and I never even knew it. I went to her with troubles of anxiety and wanted to build up from some life speed bumps that had been slowing me down too much. She listened with her whole heart and gave me amazing advice. Although I cried a couple sessions, I never felt as though I was wallowing in sorrow but rather releasing it. She challenged my thinking and it changed my perspective on the world around me for the better. She was able to target the root of my anxiety and gave me tools to move in a forward direction. I can't recommend her enough!  She's truly a great person and I'm so thankful to have her in my life."  Megan C.


Having been diagnosed with a chronic disease, I suffer at times with anxiety and physical discomfort.  “A good ole soul” could describe Mary for her willingness to listen.  I have found that even though she is not in my situation, she listens and has the ability to lead me to a comfortable place.  It is without reservation that I recommend Mary as a Life Coach.  Janice M.


Mary, Just a note that comes from my heart to thank you.  Your heartfelt, honest sharing, and emotion was so lovely and I am filled with gratitude for the time we spent together.   Teresa Weybrew

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